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Happy Father’s Day

My father has never preached me but it is amazing how much I gathered from his actions when I was a kid (and even today). I saw him reading and I was inspired to read. I saw him writing and I was inspired to write. I saw him living joyfully in spite of the travails of daily life and I learned how to live.

My father is the center of my existence, the foundation of my life and a role model. He speaks less yet says more through his actions. He is patient, loving, gentle, kind and compassionate.

My life transformed when my kids were born. I realized that it is easy to become a father but takes a lifetime to really be one. It is a fascinating journey and almost a spiritual one! To know that Almighty chose you to take care of a new life is such a wonderful privilege to have.

That’s me holding my son when he was barely a few weeks old, in 2012.

So, here’s to all the Dad’s in this world. Happy Father’s Day!

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