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The Fog of Life

Our train to Chandigarh encountered heavy fog on that winter morning. At one point when visibility was less than 100 meters, I thought the train will not move forward. We had little choice but to stay put and trust that things will start moving. And it did, although quite slowly.

It was an interesting setting. When I got down of the train at a quaint station to click some pictures (and also stretch a leg after hours of non-stop journey), my mind went on a train of thoughts as it usually does during travel.

The train. Dense fog around. People moving here and there on the platform. The hazy trees at a distance. It all seemed very familiar. I felt as if I had seen this before. We all have probably seen it before.

A lot of our life is like this. If you can clearly see the path before you, you may be amongst the lucky few. For the rest of us, it is mostly difficult to see past the haze and uncertainty of the very next moment. But we move on, even if slowly, with a hope to get to clearer views. We trust something within ourselves and something beyond us and that keeps things moving. We persevere and keep the faith and suddenly, the vistas clear up offering magnificent views. The struggle through the fog makes it even more special.

The next time I am surrounded by fog in life, I will remember this – that the tracks are still in place, the green hazy trees at a distance will get clearer, hope will guide me there. That I need to trust the process.

That I need to just keep walking.


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  1. Very clear depiction of awkward and unclear situation….I see it as when one starts the journey the inner and the outer situation is never or should not be expected to be always favourable! One should keep calm and try to adjust with the adversity ! One should get still (sthitpragya) with the self and enjoy the things moving on the other side of the screen of our eyes ! Life is a journey mostly plesant but with the chances of adversties….

    • @Dad, Thank you so much for expressing yourself here. You put forward something very important. “Sthitpragya” or stable self is the essence of Bhagwad Gita. A stable self is the highest form of human evolution where consciousness does not wander. It is the pre-condition to maintain equanimity in both favorable and unfavorable situations.

      • Awesome description of the journey as well as the observation and the experience u had on the way recalling all the exuberant movements happening around u…..It gives a lot of clarity in the way u have penned ur thoughts…we actually felt the same whn we read this article… seemed so real…I felt I am Virtually present and experiencing the same haze and the fog around me eventhough I m miles away frm Chandigarh ….This is the beauty of ur blog Tanmay bhai….u actually take ppl on the same ride where u r driving….My God what a creative Driver……who thinks completely different than the ordinary fellows like us….hahahahaa….thank u once again…had fun reading….

  2. Thank you both. So much to draw from narration and comments.
    Learnt today a new word “Sthitpragya”, as mentioned in Holy Bhagwad Gita, it’s indeed the essence of human life, and a stepping stone for successful leadership.