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The Mountains of the Mind


We were sitting in balcony of a hotel room that faces wide stretch of wilderness and shaded green grass that only seemed to end where the mountains start. The morning air was crisp. Slight chill in the air hinted at the gradual onslaught of winter. Chirping birds of wilderness celebrated the hope that each morning sunshine brings along.

In that moment, gazing at the illuminated mountain peaks, there was no thought of the past, no anxiety over the future, just the beautiful present moment. I believe that only when we completely lose ourselves in the joy of the present moment that Divine manifests itself. In this case, we were watching the dawn breaking from other side of the bluish mountains and moments later, the first rays of Sun illuminating Himalayan mountain peaks. That moment felt like eternity.

Life has a way to entangle us in the very stuff that enables it. Work, health, relationships and our own heart and mind. Untangling ourselves from these threads takes conscious effort to walk away from the chores of life, minimize, disconnect and pursue experiences that feed our soul. Nature always has a way to lift us.

It is only when we overcome the mountains of our mind, that we can truly experience the beauty and abundance that lies on the other side.

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  1. Excellent. It is perhaps easy to see but difficult to climb mind mountains.
    Must be enjoying Dharamshala All the best and love to kids.