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On the Road of Life!


Yesterday evening, I was driving back home when I noticed a rather rash driver from the rear glass who was constantly honking in a bid to overtake all other vehicles on the road.

For a moment, I got furious. A part of me wanted to teach him a lesson that he needs to respect others along the way, even when he wants to overtake others.

And then, I realized that I was letting someone who I have no control over be a source of my anxiety. I simply changed the lane and let him pass. I thought, “Who knows, he may be in middle of a mess, some urgency and wants to reach somewhere soon?”

This little act of letting go and forgiving had a calming effect on my mind. Along the way, as I thought more about it, I realized that a lot of our life is also like that.

People around us sometimes do crazy things to compete, score points, belittle others and gain attention in their attempts to surpass others. I learned that we should simply let them pass. Life is too short to fret about people who you have absolutely no control over. Teaching them any lesson would do no good to them, but would make you more anxious.

What we can do in such small bursts of friction with outer world is go inwards, connect with the self and do what is right for our inner wellbeing.

And, for those who flout the traffic rules to overtake you anyway, life always has a way to show them the red signal.

Like the gentleman, who I saw again after a few minutes waiting for the green signal so he could continue his wild ride to nowhere.

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  1. True. But to Let go approach in case of persons those who are very close to you like friends and family members or colleagues it is very difficult to apply.Even we ignore or forgive them it remains on our mental frame for a long time.
    I took it as my practice sessions.